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Top 5 Trends that will Shape Tomorrow’s Technology Careers

The world of technology is changing at a rapid pace. You can hardly keep up the developments or anticipate the next “big thing.” We have pulled together the top 5 trends that will impact the future of information technology jobs. One thing is certain, the outlook for IT jobs is very promising. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states “information technology occupations are projected to grow 12 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for all occupations. These occupations are expected to add about 488,500 new jobs from 2014 to 2024.”   Top 5 Trends to Watch:   Cloud Computing – The majority of companies have or will be using some aspect of Cloud computing. The future of Cloud computing will straddle both private and public clouds adding new challenges to the role if IT. The increased use of cloud computing will put a premium on skill sets in Perl, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Java and JavaScript, including those comfortable with API development and a DevOps environment. It will also mean a strategic shift in the mindset of many IT professionals from working with equipment to applications. Data, Data, and More Data – Business has become a generator and collector of data. We want more data to make better and smarter decisions. With all this data we need new roles and skills to mange and analyze it in ways that are meaningful to business. The new roles include data architects, data integration engineers, IT planning analysts, along with growth in current roles like data and software engineers. In addition, more leadership roles will emerge to help guide the... read more

Top Three Posts of 2015 – Recapping the Year for A&A Search

A&A Search offers highlights of the most read articles on their website from 2015. The articles represent significant developments and trends for 2015 and the issues faced by the business, finance, and information technology in 2015. How Will Technology Change Banking in 2015? In January, A&A Search reported on technology developments and a highly competitive retail banking sector. While retail banks seem unsure whether to close less crucial branch locations and focus on the mobile consumer, treasury professionals are demanding big data applications with mobile architecture and cloud technology. A survey revealed that 50 percent of treasury respondents would switch banks if doing so provided access to superior technology. Many still rely on Microsoft Excel and in-house software for financial analysis and predictions. With respect to the retail industry, the article predicted more prevalent touchscreen technology and smart, high-tech ATMS better suited to the customer experience. Fees for online banking channels and services were expected to expand for 2016. Bank staffing is predicted to change toward a universal model, whereby staff can manage a multitude of clients and services using new technology tools and central databases. Tips on Professionally Leaving Your Job | Quitting in a Positive Way Our March article reflects the extent of employee mobility. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that, on average, a worker changes jobs every four years. This article offered advice to employees as to how to resign in a way that maintains important contacts and exploits rather than diminishes achievements. Suggestions included helping your employer to find a replacement and training the new candidate before you leave. Ensuring that all your work... read more

Three Trends in Big Data Analytics

Robert Mitchell of IT World recently reported on the top trends for big data. A significant problem for big data and analytics is the storage of data. Bill Loconzolo, Intuit’s vice president of data engineering, and Dean Abbott, chief data scientist at Smarter Remarketer both reference the cloud and data lakes. Storage technology is lagging behind and Hadoop, which had originally shown promise as a storage system, is not yet a reliable system for businesses. Companies must use immature, new technology or risk being left behind in the big data race. Technologies can now process cloud data, such as Reshift by Amazon and its BI data warehouse, BigQuery data analytics by Google, Bluemix by IBM, and Kinesis data processing by Amazon. Brian Hopkins, analyst with Forrester Research, states that big data will increasingly be processed by companies both on-site and in the cloud, simultaneously. Hadoop is expected to emerge as a data operating system that will manipulate, operate, analyze, and file data. Hadoop will function as a hub that is able to run different queries and operations, so it will be convenient to store data for analysis within a Hadoop system that can manage SQL, MapReduce, stream processing, and graph analytics. Data lakes or enterprise data hubs will hold data in a Hadoop Tools are being designed to analyze the data, but highly skilled individuals will be required to build the view of the data that is required with no pre-designed search or analytic record model. Companies are still working on capabilities such as monitoring access, securing data, and tracing the data from source to destination. Big data analytical... read more