10 Ways to Jump Start Your Job Search

10 Ways to Jump Start Your Job Search


Do you feel your job search has stalled or never really got started? You must take the right steps to be poised for success. Many of the things causing our search to stall are within our control, which means you can change those factors and move your job search into high gear.

1. The What, Why, Who, and How – Do a full self-evaluation of exactly what you are looking for. Why do you want a new job? Who can help you get that job, connection, or introduction? How do your current skills translate to your career goals? Honing in on what you want, who you are, and how to get it is the first step in a successful career search.

2. Talk, Talk, and Talk – I describe this step as networking reimagined. Break down the preconceptions of traditional networking. Talk to a wide range of people about your search. I once had a colleague who found a job because his father-in-law mentioned the type of job he was looking for to his barber.

3. Be a Joiner – Become involved or attend groups, industry conferences, and associations that center around your next career. This will widen your networking net with the right type of people. In addition, it will help you stay up to date on the latest trends and topics that people are talking about in your sought after trade.

4. Do Something You Hate – Some people hate interviewing. Many times the things we dislike are the skills that don’t come easily. So how do you get better? Practice. If you hate interviewing, do more of it. We can’t necessarily go on 20 job interviews a week to get in our reps, but you can put yourself in similar situations. Join a toast masters club or look for opportunities to talk to strangers about your skills and assets. The old adage is true: practice does make perfect.

5. Specialized Recruiter – You are looking for a job in a specific industry that matches your unique skills and experience. A specialized recruiter may be exactly what you need. They will know your field of focus; what is trending, what skill sets should be emphasized, and what companies are growing. Many employers will only list through recruiters who know their business and have previously brought them great candidates.

6. Get Social – Do a social media audit. Make sure all your social media outlets represent who you want a potential employee to see. Feel stumped when it some to your LinkedIn profile? Look around at people who have the jobs you want and see how they present themselves, especially when it comes to similar experience and skills.

7. Get Informed – We should all do research on the companies with whom we apply and interview, but take it one step further. Research the industry and trade in which you are looking to get hired. This will help you see where your skills can best be an asset. Also, it will give you valuable information to discuss in interviews and conversations.

8. Tell Me What You Really Think – Get a lot of feedback. Ask your recruiter and those involved in the job selection process where they feel you can improve. Are your interview skills weak? Did you come off as too casual? Did you not have the right skill set? Look at the simple ways you can improve so that the next opportunity won’t be missed.

9. Increase Your Odds – The job search shouldn’t be like buckshot, but you do want the odds in your favor. Look at how narrow your search window is. Can you expand your parameters? Think about different sized companies, a variety of industries, or even different geographic areas. The perfect job just might be waiting for you… in another state.

10. Someone in the Know – Talk to people that are in the industry you desire. Discover how they got to where they are. What do they look for in the people they hire? Pick their brain on the relevant topics and trends in their industry.

The job search process can be frustrating, but the end makes it all worth it—a rewarding career, at a better company, in an exciting industry. It takes patience and perseverance to succeed. Following our 10 tips will have you headed in the right direction.

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