Case Study: General IT

In 2013 the New Hampshire Division of A&A Search was approached by one of its major clients to staff up a large IT project for them. The client was a major hospital that has worked with A&A for several years.  This particular project involved a major Windows upgrade for the whole campus.

We were able to quickly source out top talent for this project, which involved a large number of vacancies that we needed to fill.  Our team was able to provide to the client more than enough qualified candidates that were available and able to begin immediately.  Our staff sourced, and carefully prescreened each candidate to make sure that they were a spot-on match for the project.  The client was extremely pleased with the results, and continues to use A&A Search with a high level of success.  The New Hampshire Division of A&A Search is able to take on almost any project and complete it with a high level of success.