5 Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Your Job Search

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Boost Your Job Search

5 Ways to Boost Your job Search with Social Media

We all know social media can sabotage a job search with embarrassing photos and polarizing comments. However, it can also be a very beneficial tool to add to your job-hunting arsenal—especially in the IT industry, where 76% of recruiters use social media to find candidates.


Here are 5 ways to use social media effectively in your job search process:


    1. Clean It Up!: Do a full review of all your social media accounts to make sure you have no rude, profane, or discriminatory comments or remarks. Social media is casual, but you still need to make sure you have grammar and spelling in check. 66% of employees said this would cause them to have a negative opinion of a candidate. Most importantly, don’t use social media as a sounding board for your current or past job woes. While they may be justified, a new employer will get nervous that you are negative or a problem employee and move on.


    1. Be Where It Counts: LinkedIn is considered to be the most used and professional job search network by many employers, so make sure you are on it. Ensure that your profile is up to date and accurate with your work history and projects. Try to connect with people you have real connections with. Also, make sure to join groups in the industry you are in or looking to enter. One good group to start with is the Job-Hunt Help LinkedIn Group. This platform is also a great tool to look for jobs, boasting one of the most robust job listings.


    1. Network: Whether in person or on social media, networking is still one of the key ways to boost your career search. Let people know you’re looking and connect with people in your industry. Follow thought leaders in your field so you can be current with trends and topics to discuss at the next interview. Before going into any interview, do a full social media review of that company—this is often where you will find the latest info on product launches, news, awards, and company culture. Companies use social media to research potential employees all the time, and you should use the same tool to check them out. Most importantly, don’t make it obvious to your current employer that you are searching. Make sure the “Notify Your Network” setting is turned off so your current boss doesn’t see what a great job you are doing at marketing yourself!


    1. Follow People That Matter: Twitter is a great place to meet and connect, but only use it if you are going to be active—nothing is worse than an account with just one post from 2 years ago. Follow people and companies that are thought leaders and that you will gain real value from what they post. Share your own insight and content, but also make a point to share the content of those you follow or interesting and valuable content you come across. Find good hashtags to follow in your industry and use them to help you find interesting people and connections to add to your network.


  1. Platform for Your Niche: Think outside the traditional box when it comes to the social media platforms—and look for ones that work well for your field. Don’t think just because you aren’t a designer or artist that there aren’t platforms geared for you. Technical writers should check out Medium, while software engineers or developers should try


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