Get Your IT Career on Track with These Four Tips

The warning signs are hard to miss. You may have been passed over for promotion, or you may feel stagnant and stuck in a rut. When the feeling that you are less than dynamic in your current position does not abate after a significant period, it may be time to proactively change your trajectory.

Networking is always advisable, and joining industry groups such as the Association of Information Technology Professionals can broaden your horizons and change your perspective. The IT world is constantly evolving and staying on top of industry news can invigorate your outlook. An objective perspective can help you formulate the best strategy depending on your circumstances. Rich Hein of IT News presents some warning signs that your IT career needs adjusting and how to do it.

  • If important projects and clients are not coming your way, or you have sensed criticism, you may have lost favor among your peers and colleagues. Take an objective perspective. Have you reached a comfort zone that has made you complacent?
  • If you have lost enthusiasm, expanding your knowledge or taking a break may provide impetus to jump-start your creativity. Try engaging in industry trends and exploring activities that interest you. Attend an IT conference. Increase your industry knowledge and share it with colleagues by social media or through company channels.
  • It is difficult to judge your own performance if you don’t receive feedback. It is also difficult to remain engaged, to know your strengths, and to improve upon weaknesses. Talk to your manager or your peers. There may be an interest by others to institute feedback mechanisms that can allow individuals to grow and the company to benefit.
  • You may have lost visibility. The cards may have fallen so that you are not involved in priority or visible projects. However, your realm may have successes with which you can engage in some self-PR. Alternatively, volunteer for tasks or events that are not popular. If you model a willingness to step out of your comfort zone, you might win the opportunity to work on a more “out there” and innovative project.

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