Simplify IT to Help Save Your Bottom Line

IT News contributor, Dan Muse, counter-intuitively espouses the simplification of IT systems and processes to improve company profits. This, at a time when cloud technology, mobile devices, and remote access are creating complex business decisions for companies unsure of IT future directions.

Muse suggests that old infrastructure and established legacy systems and applications do not blend well with newer, remote devices and the social networking environment. A study by International Data Corporation (IDC), and sponsored by Oracle, included nine companies from various industry sectors found that simpler IT systems save considerable financial resources.

The report found that IT complexity is compounded by mergers and acquisitions, organization decentralization, business demands, legacy systems, the rapid pace of IT change, conflicting systems and regulations, and mobile and remote device infrastructure and support. Companies often require complex IT infrastructure and resources to enter the competitive IT market.

Ironically, as iphones, ipads, websites, and applications become simpler and more user-friendly, the systems required to support these devices are becoming more complex. Companies must assess existing applications, systems, and data centers and determine if they are really necessary, are up-to-date, and whether any can be consolidated. Additionally, functions that do not fit with new operating systems should be outsourced. IDC has created a Simplification Road Map to guide companies in simplifying IT infrastructure. The road map suggests the following:

• Support from company leadership is required because IT simplification requires significant investment and culture change. Training may be required throughout an organization.
• Avoid building new layers of integration or applications. Adopt an innovative spirit that does not include old infrastructure and systems.
• Employ the expertise of third-party consultants or cloud service providers. This can free up resources for core operations and improve service quality.

Third-party consultants are better equipped to recommend systems and infrastructure that is flexible an able to keep pace with rapid technology change. Simple IT infrastructure can collaborate with customers and end-users while also meeting the needs of the organization.

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