Hiring Tips to Consider When Looking for a Top Developer

The hiring manager seeking an expert developer in today’s Google and Facebook-obsessed world faces a challenge. He must compete with established tech companies offering resources designed to exploit the coding talents of the


finest programmers, and with compensation packages guaranteed to sign them up. But that might be their weakness.

Software developers can expect salaries that only the leading companies can afford, and, currently there are almost five vacant jobs for every developer. But developers are motivated by challenge and the opportunity to collaborate with other tech experts. So, how can a small IT start-up, or even a large conglomerate, attract talented IT programmers? Dan Tynan, contributor for IT News, has some tips:

    • Sell your company. You might not be Google; however, smaller companies offer a bureaucracy-free, dynamic environment. Host a coding competition on your company website; the talented find it hard to resist a challenge. Post articles on social media, blog, and become active in IT networks and chat rooms frequented by developers. Post video profiles of other IT programmers on your website and add a friendly face to your brand.
    • Network. Use social media to develop a reputation as an industry leader. Become active in chat rooms and LinkedIn networks. Initiate Twitter feeds to ask for recommendations for expert programmers. Ask your existing staff for referrals; this is the best source for top developers because experts want to work with experts.
    • Don’t hire quickly, hire quality. To attract quality programmers, a company must offer what top developers want. According to Shane Snow of Fast Company, talented co-workers and challenging work are key. Develop a reputation for only hiring the best, and you will attract the same. Hire mediocre talent and your reputation will suffer.
    • Don’t oversell. A disappointed employee will quickly move on, adding to your hiring and training costs. Be open and clear in your job description. Motivation may stem from the opportunity to work with other teams and to learn from other talented and seasoned programmers.
    • Conduct technical interviews. Have the interviewer write code with other coders to discern the level of candidate capability, but be original in your interviewing techniques. The more dynamic you are, the more a qualified candidate will want to join your team.

A professional recruiting or staffing agency can search and pre-screen candidates for you. Hire a chosen candidate on a limited basis until you are sure you want to hire them permanently. For more information, contact the IT staffing professionals and A & A Search today!