Increase Productivity to Make One Final Push Towards 2015 Goals

Increase Productivity to Make One Final Push Towards 2015 Goals

The holidays provide energy for one last boost in productivity. Certain rewards for employees can tie into the holiday season and provide motivation. Providing time off to prepare for the holidays, time with family, or holiday bonuses can be a much-appreciated boost to employees during the busy holidays and can benefit your company.

  • Perks and benefits can inject energy into normal operations to increase morale and employee loyalty. Mashable reports on a survey by Seamless that found that 60 percent of survey respondents felt valued and appreciated when lunch or dinner was provided at work. Order in for your staff during the busy holiday season.
  • Use lunches as an opportunity to interact with staff. Social interaction improves collaboration and communication. If you are open and at ease with staff and invite their feedback, you may glean valuable insights. Similarly, staff will appreciate the time to socialize with their peers.
  • Give staff some autonomy. Try flexible scheduling in return for responsible performance. Chris Duchesne, Vice President of global workplace solutions for, agrees that allowing staff more power over their working lives increases productivity, engagement, and loyalty. Treat the new program as an experiment. If your company finds that flexibility improves productivity, adopt the policy as a permanent one.
  • Revisit the goals for 2014 and assess successes and failures. Prepare objectives for 2015 with the input of staff to obtain their buy-in and enthusiasm. Involve them in preparations for the coming year. This is a good time to introduce new policies. Balance the good news with the bad news and give staff time to process the new information before the policies are implemented in the New Year.

Kevin Daum of Inc. suggests trying the element of competition. Use incentives such as vacation or monetary rewards to promote team collaboration and creativity. Ask staff what type of incentives would motivate them and use those to encourage team success.

Find ways for staff to contribute to 2015 goals.

Invite their feedback and creative ideas. You might be surprised by their insights! Contact an A&A Search profession for your short and long-term staffing needs.