Hiring for a Position, or Hiring for Growth Potential?

Over the years, we’ve seen tremendous growth in the companies we support. For many of these businesses, the need for highly skilled employees comes at breakneck speeds, so fast that the job descriptions aren’t even written yet. Yet other companies are coasting along at a slow, comfortable incline, occasionally needing to fill open positions or harness contract workers for specific projects.

The companies that hire for growth were taking calculated risks that, more often than not, paid off. When you hire for growth, you’re looking ahead at where you want to be, and acting on the possibility of fulfilling your highest potential.

Sometimes, however, a business just needs to hire for a position or a project. In these situations, the momentum is already built, you just need to keep it moving. Here, all options – temporary, temp-to-hire and permanent staffing – are considered.

Workforce management is a big job and somebody’s got to do it. So when your office is experiencing growing pains, how do you know when it’s time to hire for growth or time to hire for a position?

Hiring for a Position

  • Find a professional who fits in well with the current culture.
  • Use an existing job description for a vacant position, possibly with a few updates.
  • Need a very specific skill set to manage current projects and clients.
  • Face everyday challenges, while maintaining standards of organization and productivity.
  • Provide support for executives and current employees.

Hiring for Growth

  • Secure talent now for major projects on the horizon.
  • Complaining from current employees on being overworked or being unable to take on new projects.
  • Add increased knowledge and skills to expand productivity.
  • Support individual career goals, while providing meaningful work-life balance.
  • Restructure of leadership and department organization.
  • Develop and implement new strategies to re-energize the current market.

Each candidate is an opportunity to enhance your business. That means that the growth of your company is powered by not by profits, but by people. Whether you’re hiring for your current needs or future projections, every person you interview comes with the promise of a new direction.

Looking to Hire as 2014 Nears an End?

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