Are You Hiring Top Talent?


The technology industry attracts mathematical and logical thinkers. Cerebral personalities are not always extrovert, people pleasers, able to dizzyingly charm an interviewer and appear the ideal candidate. Professional staffers and recruiters are experts at determining the real coding abilities of a potential programmer, the candidate’s personality and work ethic, and the candidate’s fit for your organization.

However, the first step in finding top talent is to attract candidates to your organization. This requires a reputation as a stellar employer and reaching out to potential candidates on their terms. Entrepreneur reported that the reputation earned by Southwest Airlines as a desirable employer recently garnered them over 50,000 resumes in response to 500 available positions. A&A offers some ways to attract talent.

  • Your company website might be the first point of contact with a prospective candidate. Upload short videos that introduce your company and its staff. Use marketing strategies that encourage interaction such as gamification. Showcase a company culture that is welcoming, interesting, and cutting edge. To attract top talent, your company must be a dynamic, industry leader.
  • Passive job seekers are often among the best. Of course they are already working for your competitors; snag them, and you gain valuable experience and competitor insight. Approach them in the places where they like to hang out. For example, many companies such as Google and Microsoft advertise coding competitions in IT chat rooms and on social networks. The individuals who engage in such competitions are your target candidates.
  • Ask your existing employees for referrals. Use LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and other social network platforms to initiate conversations about company activity and skills demand; encourage employees to engage in social networking. Job boards are no longer the best way to source top talent; referrals are much more successful. According to Undercover Recruiter, 67 percent of employers and recruiters experience a shorter process from referrals and 51 percent claim reduced costs.

A&A Search, Inc., knows how to source the talent that your competitors want. Stay ahead in the competitive labor market. Our professionals can discern the skills most important to your organization and can find the candidates that meet your requirements.

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